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Internet Away!

Sorry this one is so late.  I guess you get distractions and games on Tuesday instead of monday this time…

Beautiful Villains, because seriously, in real life, bad people are very often very attractive.  Sometimes more attractive because they are so bad…

Because I basically worship at the feet of Wiki, and Random Facts.  Also, because through this I learned that Bill Clinton knows at least 3 things about My Little Pony.  Isn’t it so cuute.

The format of Dog Gif is pretty atrocious, but it doesn’t make the puppies any less cute.

And I know I post a lot of stuff from Buzzfeed and Flavorwire, but, seriously these songs really are funny as hell.  Though, they are missing, Show Them To Me 😉

That is all for this week folks.  But there will be more.  There is always more.


Macklemore, the New Testament, and the Hand of God

By now, I hope that everyone in the world has heard the new Macklemore song: Same Love, featuring the most heartbreaking chorus by Mary Lambert.  Now, I’m posting here, because I tried about 6 times to post how much I love this on Facebook.  I just couldn’t start that flame war.

So, I’m saying it right here.  It may be blasphemous, but I feel the spirit every time I hear that song.  Every single time.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with mormon terminology, “feel the spirit” roughly means to feel the force of God pouring out through you.  Everyone experiences it differently, and can even experience it differently throughout their life.  I know the feeling.  It’s the feeling parents have when they look at their newborn child.  It’s the feeling you feel when the storm parts around you to suddenly reveal a moment of glorious stillness.  Sorry for the lengthy description, but it is kind of beyond description, thinking about that feeling brings back a shadow of it, and it tends to make me ramble just so I can keep it sticking around.

The point is, very rarely do I encounter something that can call it forth so viscerally, almost at command.  If I leave that song on repeat on my computer, I almost get dizzy from the tingles and emotions rolling through me.

Maybe, because the chorus doesn’t just resonate with the gay pride issue.  Not to demean that.  I am with Macklemore – No freedom until we’re equal.  But it’s more than that.

The words “I can’t change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to.” – are more than a simple issue.  And I don’t think Macklemore would take offense to that idea.  The song is about acceptance.  Not tolerance, but acceptance.  Loving so much, that you only want the other person to be happy, regardless of how they achieve that.

I don’t know if I’ve spoken before about growing up feeling “other,” in the mormon community.  But it wasn’t because of anything that I could change.  It wasn’t even anything that I wanted to change.  It was who I was.  I was too outspoken, not ladylike, not superficial enough.  I couldn’t pass as a ‘good mormon girl’.  I swore, and I refused to deny dark truths.  My family had been the ‘troubled’ family.

Even then, I wanted only one thing: for it to be okay for me to BE ME.  Not some cleaner, purer version of me, but me – complete with all the brokenness.  Not only did I not think I could change – I didn’t want to.

Anyway, all of that is a really long ramble to get to my real point: What happened to the acceptance of the early church?  Oddly enough, I understand it.  We saw it over and over in scripture – when the news of God was still new and fresh, too many problems arose.  Religion became a list of rules, recipes and rites.  Too busy trying to meet that bottom line, the church became tangled up and forgot the deeper truths.

That’s when the New Testament came in.  In both the Bible and the Book of Mormon there is a drastic shift at Christ’s coming.  The church changes.  The teaching changes.  Christ comes and reminds the people of the original teachings.  Of love.

Thats what I want.  I want a New Testament style revival of my church.  I want them to put the acceptance and love back in.  Because I hate that it is my Christian friends that make me not want to post about how much I love a song about love.  Ha!  And I finally shamed myself into it. Take that!

Anyway, thats the disconnected Mormon rant.  Next time, it will be a little more gathered…

Hopefully 😉

Lazy Ass Internet

I still love the internet, really i do.  I’m just feeling really lazy today.  Anyway…

Why did I not know that “Really Weird” was a subcategory on Ebay?  I want everything I see.

Cat Silliness.  I may have also saved this one in particular because i simply cannot get enough of watching that cat.

Lastly, proof that Hipster Clothing makes EVERYONE look like a douchebag.

Internet, I’m Back

I know, technically I’ve been back for a whole week, but living it up on vacation doesn’t exactly make it easy to come back home and go back to boring normal life.  Oh well.

Anyway, at least the internet still brings us joy.

Because every little girl needs an awesome butt-kicking rolemodel – themselves.

Dear zefrank1, your videos make my heart happy, and also have a magical ability to make every other person in the room fall silent. Thank you.  For those of you who don’t know, start with the sloth video, and explore the glory from there.

You know someone is doing their job right, when ads are still floating the internet years after I spotted them in Germany.

Moar video.  Because good mashups will always be epic.  Mashups of epic songs – how can you say no?

In case you were worried that my nerdism died while I was gone, I offer up Not-quite so obsolete words (seriously, I’ve used a bunch of these before, so I dont get where the whole obsolete thing comes from.  I also don’t really get why they are owls.  Because people.)  Why this particular list?  Quockerwodger, that’s why.

Internet Thingy Again

I come back today, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to check this thing.  I mean really, give me some space people!

The Hawkeye Initiative.  Because who wouldn’t like to see a little more Superhero ass?  Also, Brosie The Riveter is freaking awesome. Also because I don’t feel like a real blogger unless I’ve linked to it.  Someday I’ll draw for it.

For those of you who thought that the whole Hipster meme was getting out of control, I protest!  Hipster Princesses is the most awesome thing ever.  And if I can ever figure out how to make a .gif, you will totally see the Sabrina the Teenage Witch hipster scene too!  Because there is nothing more hipster than mocking hipsters!

When I was in High School, my English class project team planned on exactly how to steal and then secede from the union in this castle.  Because it’s a castle in the US, people!  Who says we aren’t cool and history filled?  Also, when I’m a millionaire, this is totally where I am having my wedding.

Lastly, I wish I had a reason to post this misleading Link.  Someday I will find one.  Because it’s there.

I’m Gone, But Internets Is Always There

I keep meaning to send this as a link to my little sister, because only she will truly understand the epicness.  Nonetheless, fridge pictures are still pretty cool for you non-fridge poetry writing folks too.

I could upload a million of the Oatmeal’s comics, because every one is awesomesauce, but this one just made my heart go all silly for joy, so it won.  Also, an epic fan-tribute to the Oatmeal’s piece.  Because mantis shrimp!

The most epic to-do list ever.  Because suit cat makes even menial tasks more fun.

Lastly, Confessions by someone other than me.  Apparently it’s a big deal, this whole confessing anonymously thing.

Internet, I Am Not Here

I am on my way home, so all posts for the next two weeks will be done by my personal assistant, Schedulepost.  She’s a dear, so treat her kindly.  Thank you.

Bored Panda always has awesome sauce.  Like, for example, why hungry people shouldn’t eat carrots.  Calorie pic is only depressing if you are trying to diet.  Then again, who eats only 200 calories of anything?

More Dog pics, because you can always use awesome puppies.  They are like cat photos, only funnier, because OMG how dumb can cute animals be?

Lastly, a video that I have watched maybe a dozen times already.  Seriously, I cannot get enough of this.  Whether it is watching someone contort their face, or just simply listening to the sweet altered tones of Taylor Swift…. well, GollumSings deserves to be internet famous.