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Ahhh, Internet

July 22, 2013

You thought that you had managed to get rid of me.  Not so.  The internet will always keep me coming, even if I’m too lazy to write about my ridiculous adventures at the ren faire.

I wrote a little bit of text for this company.  It cracks me up to see my work actually online: The Fucking Weather

Lists like this have been floating the internet for awhile.  What baffles me is how many of my married friends liked this.  Seriously, I thought this was all common knowledge by now.

If I had a smart phone, I would totally buy this app.  Mostly because I think it’s the only thing that would make me like running again.  Just as long as they don’t mind if I walk most of the missions…

Speaking of sports, I WANT to join this club.  If only I already owned a tommy gun 😦

More photo communities to distract me from my life.  Also, pretty webpage layout.  Just pretty.

And, because this collection wouldn’t be complete without something weird as fuck – I give you the flashed face distortion.  Stare at it.  Feel disturbed.  Feel very disturbed.

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