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Internet Away!

July 2, 2013

Sorry this one is so late.  I guess you get distractions and games on Tuesday instead of monday this time…

Beautiful Villains, because seriously, in real life, bad people are very often very attractive.  Sometimes more attractive because they are so bad…

Because I basically worship at the feet of Wiki, and Random Facts.  Also, because through this I learned that Bill Clinton knows at least 3 things about My Little Pony.  Isn’t it so cuute.

The format of Dog Gif is pretty atrocious, but it doesn’t make the puppies any less cute.

And I know I post a lot of stuff from Buzzfeed and Flavorwire, but, seriously these songs really are funny as hell.  Though, they are missing, Show Them To Me 😉

That is all for this week folks.  But there will be more.  There is always more.

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