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Internet, I’m Back

June 17, 2013

I know, technically I’ve been back for a whole week, but living it up on vacation doesn’t exactly make it easy to come back home and go back to boring normal life.  Oh well.

Anyway, at least the internet still brings us joy.

Because every little girl needs an awesome butt-kicking rolemodel – themselves.

Dear zefrank1, your videos make my heart happy, and also have a magical ability to make every other person in the room fall silent. Thank you.  For those of you who don’t know, start with the sloth video, and explore the glory from there.

You know someone is doing their job right, when ads are still floating the internet years after I spotted them in Germany.

Moar video.  Because good mashups will always be epic.  Mashups of epic songs – how can you say no?

In case you were worried that my nerdism died while I was gone, I offer up Not-quite so obsolete words (seriously, I’ve used a bunch of these before, so I dont get where the whole obsolete thing comes from.  I also don’t really get why they are owls.  Because people.)  Why this particular list?  Quockerwodger, that’s why.

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