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Literary Netses

May 6, 2013

So, this week, you get a couple of links to awesomesauce literary/moar books! Ish.  Also, graphic novels/web comics are my favorite!

Teen Nietzsche, because who the hell doesn’t love a little more existential dread combined with teen narcissism.

For those of you who believe that every word out of your mouth is pure gold : Recite This will decorate your every quip in the happiest way.

Now, last time we talked about kids books that are epic – but because the internet is deep and wide and full of joy, I missed A Farewell To Porridge – or a classic fairytale retold in the voice of Hemingway.

For those who write, and need to be told how to do it better (because we all secretly suck), Writy Advice Blog that doesn’t piss me off.

Lastly, Yay for webcomics.  This week: Hinges – sweet art, and although its too early to really know what the story is about, I still love it.

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