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Internet, I Could Never Forget You

April 23, 2013

Although I almost did.  Anyway, this week’s odd links…

SlangThingy Because who doesn’t want to know the source of all those odd slang words you use?  Also, because they use the word Hootenanny.

Most of the time Reddit scares me.  Because within it’s depths lie all things internetty, and I’m afraid that if I ever fall in then I wlll drown in sheer awesomeness.  Also, I’m pretty sure that the Trolls in there are able to consume human flesh.  Didn’t stop me from finding and loving Pretty/Ugly though…

Now, for those of you who wanted another silly way to waste way too much time, PointerPointer is perfect.  Not only do you get to see silly photos of lots of strangers, but also – OMG how did it find my pointer??!!

Lastly, Badass Of the Week, because everyone needs a little more badass in their life.

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