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Much Ado About Le Internets

April 15, 2013

This week = Book Bonanza.  Mostly because I’m working like 80 hrs between 3 jobs, and have no time.  But soon, soon I will have moneys!

First of all, Bookshelf Porn – because it’s pretty.  Also, many of you will be disappointed when you click that link.

Then we get into two pretty awesome sites for finding your next book. Whether you have finished every  single word Tom Clancy every wrote, or you just need a break from the unending Robert Jordan, I give you: Book Country, which has a handy genre map (complete with variations of steamy and scary within the sub-genres) and This Page, which just reads your mind for you.

Then, for those of you who write, I present WritersWerk Forum/Critique/Workshoppy thing.  Its a nice little community for those who want to get a little feedback on their writings.  Kind of heavy on poets at the moment, so it could really use some prose writers on there (nudge nudge, hint hint, make me less alone!)

Lastly, and possibly most awesomeness, Plume – a webcomic I kind of religiously read.  Even though it’s pretty new, it manages to be both interesting, pretty and well-written. So, what more does a girl need?  There may actually be more of these coming.  I read them, why shouldn’t all people glory in their awesomeness?

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