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May the Internet be With You

April 1, 2013

More Happiness.  Also, there may be a lot more coming.  I have finally culled my StumbleUpon account to bring up really weird awesome shit…. so, pretty much every click brings me to new heights (depths) of the internet.  Yay!

Well, that and some of my friends have been sharing some very strange things lately:

First of all “Hark A Vagrant.” I wish I could say that I were smart enough to understand all of their jokes… someday though.

Then, there’s this horror.  I may have spent way too much time staring at this page.  Because – hot men 🙂  Cats…  Hot men and Cats? I don’t know whether to be horrified, or in love.  All I know is that Mr. January is a fucking STUD, Six Packs and Nine Lives Calendar

Lastly (because I’m already running late for work) – Seaquence.  I wish I could say that I didn’t spend several hours this week playing with this… but, like shouting obscenities at Siri, some things are just too much fun.

Enjoy your Monday, and don’t blame me for hours lost….

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